A family and wedding photographer

There is a very strong motherhood in me, although I am the mother of only two cats, I am fascinated by the universe of families and their connections.

Zi Fernandes, a renowned Brazilian photographer, began her artistic journey under the vibrant skies of Rio de Janeiro, specifically in Ipanema, where bossa nova provided the soundtrack to her initial clicks. However, it was on the bustling streets of Lisbon that she found her home, intertwining the nostalgic atmosphere of fado with her passion for family photography. Specialized in capturing precious moments, Zi focused her art on documenting baptisms, establishing a global reputation as one of the leading photographers in this field.

Zi Fernandes' international trajectory as a photography "traveller" took her to various corners of the world, sharing her unique perspective on life and family. In 2019, her talent was crowned when she was recognized as the most awarded family photographer in the world, an achievement reflecting her dedication to authenticity, sincerity, and poetry.

For Zi, the true essence of photography lies in capturing the authenticity of each moment, celebrating the beauty found in the simplicity of everyday life. Her work is not only tells stories but also inspires others to embrace the richness of who they are.