A family and wedding photographer

Graduated in Social Communication with a specialization in Visual Language, Zi Fernandes combines her experience of almost 15 years as a photographer with a passion for art. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, she has lived in Dublin and now makes Lisbon her home. As a photographer, she has worked for magazines such as Vogue Brasil, O Globo, Eat in Rio and National Geographic, where she had the opportunity to photograph and travel around the world. She also produces authorial works that have been included in exhibitions such as: attraversiamo, head x heart and Céu.

She has won international awards from the Inspiration Photographers and Fine Art Association, to become elected one of the best family and wedding photographers.

In the Portuguese capital, she is responsible for visual communication and photography for: Go Natural, 60 Graus Laundry, Casa do Freguês, Gelato Davvero and among several others. Whilst in Portugal she has also worked on her extensive portfolio including: weddings, baptisms, photo sessions (couple and family). She loves shooting free-form stories and helping brands and communicating with their audiences.